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The Mad Hatter

Production Details

Client/CompanyWalter Wright, Luton
Production TypeDocumentary

About this production

"My universe... my rules"...

This film offers a unique look inside the world of Philip Ian Wright AKA The Mad Hatter and his wonderland of hats.

Our objective was to uncover the secret of hat making at one of Britain's oldest and most established milliners Walter Wright in Luton. We wanted to explore this long held British tradition and uncover the passion behind hats, their design, their making and the people who wear them. It was also important for us to bring the audience with us into what can be considered an intimidating world, offer a touch of humour (and madness) and show that there is a hat out there for everyone.

If you are in the slightest bit inclined to buy a hat, your life will never be same once you've met The Mad Hatter Philip Ian Wright.